Monday, 2 November 2015

Irish Parachute Club: My Experience

On a sunny September day, the team set out for the Irish Parachute Club, Edenderry, Co. Offaly. 

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Upon arrival we met Fergus and the team at IPC who welcomed us to their fantastic facilities in the Offaly countryside.

On route to IPC I was surprised with how relaxed I was, aware that soon I would be jumping out of plane, however this was to be short lived. Shortly after arrival I met Brian, who was to be my instructor and tandem master. 
Brian was a true pro and made me feel relaxed as I prepared for literally the biggest leap of my life! 

After a safety briefing, we traveled thousands of feet up and up into the clouds until we reached 13,000 feet. Within seconds of reaching the required altitude I was sitting on the ledge looking out onto the white fluffy clouds. 

The next 50 seconds were the most terrifying but also the most amazing 50 seconds of my life. The feeling of floating through the sky looking down on fields after fields was just exhilarating!

Parachuting is definitely something that you need to experience to appreciate! The plane journey up into the clouds is a long and nervous wait, but the reward of jumping is just fantastic. I recommend anyone to challenge yourself to parachuting and once you have done it, you will know just how I feel!

                  Gary - Team 

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