Tuesday, 8 September 2015

7 Great Water Sports you must try in Ireland

Sometimes in life we take things for granted, and that can be true when it comes to appreciating the natural beauty of our emerald isle.  Ireland has an abundance of water sports waiting to be discovered and weather you prefer the calm waters or exploring the sea bed there is something for everyone! 

Here at AllGifts.ie we partner with some of Ireland's Best Water Sports organisations and groups, people who have a true love for the water. Together we have developed a number of packages that we feel capture the best that the Irish waters have to offer!

1. Surfing

When it comes to surfing there is no more beautiful coastline than Ireland. Many 
including National Geographic and the Travel Channel believe the west coast of Ireland offers some of the best surfing beaches in the world. Over looking the beautiful Co. Clare coastline, Lahinch Surf School was established in 2002 by Irish Surfing Champion John McCarthy and has since built a surf school admired throughout the world. Weather you have never stepped on a surf board before or always hunt down the biggest waves, Lahinch Surf School offers everything you need. A personal favourite of ours is the private surfing lesson. Like riding a bike, surfing takes some time to grasp and at Lahinch Surf School, their qualified instructors will guide you through all you need to know to grasp the skill of surfing.

2. Kayaking

Without doubt a great way to take in the sights of Ireland is through kayaking. Explore Dublin city with Adventure Training Ireland, the specialists of kayaking in the city.
Located by Customs House Quay, enjoy a day out with family and friends and explore the city along the river Liffey. 

3. Scuba Diving

If you are the adventurous type then why not try scuba diving and explore the sea floor. Weather you are a beginner or a pro this is a water sport not to be missed! For those of you just starting off then a Aquaventures will cater for your every need. Enjoy a day out snorkeling with family and friends in Baltimore Co. Cork. For those more adventurous get beneath the water level with Oceandivers. You will be guided by trained expert scuba divers who will show you the best that the Dublin bay sea floor has to offer.

4. Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is another Water Sport that should not be missed. Often regarded as one of the more difficult water sports to master, it can be a thrilling experience while zooming across the water on your board. Ireland's only dedicated kite surfing centre Pure Magic will guide you through all you need to know to become a kite surfing nut!

5. Waterskiing

Not to be confused with Kite Surfing, Water skiing is the water sport of choice for many James Bond movies throughout the years. If you know someone who regards themself as a mini Bond, then this could be a gift for them. Golden Falls Waterskiing in Co. Kildare is one of Europe's most renowned Waterski clubs. Based at Golden Falls lake the great folks here will have you doing 360 degree flips in no time!
Just like many of our Water Sports partners, Golden Falls Waterskiing offers weekend packages with B&B to give you the full on experience.

6. Swim with Dolphins...

If you are a little less eager to in the water but still want to take in the beauty of Ireland's waterways, join Aquaventures on a Dolphin and Whale Watch of the coast of Baltimore Co. Cork. Taking place in a specialist boat this is a perfect way to take in the some of our planets most beautiful and large creatures.

7. Surf'n'Yoga Weekend

If you're looking for something completely different then this is for you. Surf and yoga weekend retreats are run by Rani, an experienced yoga teacher and also a surfer herself based at Turf'n'Surf, Bundoran Co. Donegal. Our Yoga Surf Retreats have simple aims for you - learn yoga, learn to surf to improve your surfing, eat well, be aware of what you put into your body and how you use it.
If that isn't good enough bed and breakfast along with a selection of meals are included in this package.

Links to all our featured partners can be found below.
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